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Dulce Sprinkles 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set

Dulce Sprinkles 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set

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Sprinkles are just tasty confetti.


Treat yourself with the Sprinkles 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set: Unwrap a treasure trove of sweetness in four irresistible mists. Spin in a whirlwind of fluffy cake batter and rainbow sprinkles, unleash your inner star with a juicy cherry burst, bake up a batch of cozy comfort with warm cookies, and savor the blissful swirls of creamy vanilla and frosted delight. Every spritz is a sprinkle of celebration, a secret whispered on cupcake frosting.

Unleash your inner sprinkle queen. Choose your sweet escape, and let the party begin!

  • Birthday Cake (125 mL)
  • Cherry on Top (125 mL)
  • Sugar Cookie (125 mL)
  • Cupcake Bliss (125 mL)

Choose your rainbow dessert, and let the celebration begin.

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