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Dulce 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set

Dulce 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set

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It's you. You're the dessert.


Our Dulce 4-Piece Body Mist Sampler Set is a sweet treat: A playful parade of sweetness, bottled in four irresistible mists. Dazzle with sugary candy, steal the spotlight with rich chocolate, and you might as well just eat the cake. Every spritz is a sprinkle of joy, a secret shared in a dessert-filled dream.

  • Red Velvet (125 mL)
  • Candy Swirl (125 mL)
  • Chocolate Dreams (125 mL)
  • Birthday Cake (125 mL)


Unleash your inner sweet tooth. Choose your sugar rush, and let the fun begin.


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